For a project I needed to have a copy of a SQL database we already migrated to Azure for testing purposes.

The customer sent in a support call for an issue while importing data and because I couldn't reproduce the issue (ofcourse ;-) in our testing environment, it had something to do with data that already existed.

Normally I would use the Azure features from the management portal and create a .bacpac which I can restore on my machine.
But unfortunately the people at our customer who have access to their portal where all unavailable due to holidays so I had to find another way to get the data into a local copy.

Of course I could have scripted everything myself, but I just needed a quick copy of the data, so that's why I started looking for another solution.

And I found a brilliant tool for migrating SQL databases between SQL servers and Azure and even between different Azure environments!

So If you would like to have a simple tool to migrate databases, have a look here: