Learning functional programming and F#

Because I'm enjoying my vacation at home, I have some time in the garden to finally learn about functional programming.

I know it has been around for some time and I have sniffed at it some times before. After some discussions and presentations at the internal knowledge events at our company I got inspired to learn more about functional programming, immutability etc.

So, here I am. Sitting in the shade, reading about and fiddling with functional programming. Because I'm mostly using the .NET framework I'm starting with F#, but promised myself to also investigate other languages.

I started learning the basics of F# by using Project Euler. If you have never heard of it; it's a collection of mathematical problems to solve. You can try them in every language you like. In my case that's F# for now.

So far, I'm enjoying my journey and learning nice new things, which are also usefull if you're doing C# or JavaScript like me. Functional programming is mainly a different mindset from the regular OO thinking.

I have collected a list of useful links below if you would like to get started too:

In the near future I will be posting more about this very inspiring topic.

Ronald Harmsen

I'm a software developer. When I'm not developing software I'm training & coaching other developers, speaking on a conference or fiddling with some technical stuff.

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