While preparing for a new workshop on single page webapps (SPA) I came across these brilliant video's about yeoman.

I love Yeoman because it helps you create and maintain a structure for your SPA, without you having to create all the boilerplate stuff and handling javascript library dependencies.

Especially with the AngularJS generators it's very easy to setup an new SPA with angular and add controllers, views, services etc. to you app.

Yeoman also contains a test server with brilliant auto-refresh when you change a file!

It covers everything from builds through grunt, clientside package management via bower and of course automated testing via Karma (previously called Testacular) .

So when I come to think about it, the title of this post is completely wrong! Yeoman is a lot more than just Javascript tooling. But then again: it's build with Javascript (nodejs) and helps you with all the hard work on you javascript powered SPA.

Whatever, it's just great tooling you should definitely try out on your next SPA project.

Watch the video's below and try Yeoman for yourself.