Last week I was honoured to be speaking in Montreal, Canada after being introduced by former colleague Roland Guijt who unfortunately couldn't make it this year.

Of course I took the opportunity to listen to some other talks and do a short sightseeing tour.

Day 1

After being awake nicely on time (5am, don't you just love traveling in different time zones ;-)) I could have some smalltalk with Scott Hanselman, just before he kicked of his keynote on Microsoft's OpenSource journey. Honestly; he's one of the best speakers I know.

What resonated with me most: 'don't be a 'some technology guy' and try to learn things outside your comfort zone. Couldn't agree more.

Don't just say 'I'm a backend developer' or 'I'm a frontend developer'.

You're a developer. Period.

You can handle both just fine, maybe you just don't want to ;-)

After that I went to see some sessions on 'SQL server for Linux', 'Microservices and containers with Azure', some sessions about bots & 'Enterprise Integration with Azure Logic Apps' by Lori Lalonde.

Interesting topics by itself, but I had researched most of the myself over the last year(s). So nothing really new or groundbreaking unfortunately.

During the evening I went to see some parts of Montreal.
Montreal Sightseeing

Day 2

I started the day as the first speaker in the security-track.

Understanding ASP.NET Core Security
'Understanding ASP.NET Core Security'

A session about the new way security is being handled, claimsbased authorization, OAuth & OpenId.
And an introduction on IdentityServer 4, which I was somewhat nervous about because Brock Allen (one of the guys who builds IdentityServer..) was in the audience as well.

After that Taswar Bhatti took the stage to talk about OpenID & OAuth standards, followed by Brock Allen on IdentityServer 4 for ASP.NET Core. Good insights and great technical talk.

Right after lunch it was my turn again to talk at the cloud-track with: 'Moving to the cloud. Is your datastorage ready?'

Mostly about the different options available when you want to move to Microsoft Azure.

Received some nice feedback on both sessions and had some interesting discussions on these topics with attendees and some other speakers.

The next session I visited was presented by Ken Cenerelli about 'Google Cloud for .NET Developers'. He made some nice comparisons between the different public cloud providers (AWS/Azure/Google) and showed what Google Cloud has to offer for .NET developers as this is the cloud that hasn't gained that much momentum yet. Interesting.

After that I joined some other speakers to have a great diner at a Jazz restaurant with live music. Met some great people and had some nice talks. After diner we went to the Montreal Jazz festival to see Pokey Lafarge.

Day 3

Last day already!
First session I visited was by Julie Lerman 'Look [at DDD] Before You Leap [into Microservices]' in a overly full room.
Nice talk on a familiair topic.

After that a nice talk by Mario Cardinal on 'Feature Flags and the future of DevOps'. Interesting concepts which I thought where an anti pattern. This session really got me rethinking some of my believes. Have to discuss this with some colleagues when I'm back and see how we can optimize some of our DevOps practices.

Last session before leaving was 'Brownfields DevOps in Practice' by Damian Brady. Excellent speaker and great talk again.

After this session it was time for me to check out and walk up the Mount Royal (where Montreal got it's name from) to have a nice view over the city.
After that a walk back to the city centre to grab a last Starbucks and catch the bus to the airport... Back home.

I had a lot of fun, met some old friends and made some new. And as a bonus, got some new insights.